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Coronavirus - Suggestions for Churches

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Live Streaming

Finalweb offers live streaming services for churches and other organizations to broadcast their events or worship services in real time, and archive them for on-demand viewing as well. To learn more about setting up live streaming, watch one of the tutorial videos here:

Live Streaming Tutorial for Finalweb 1.0 Users
Live Streaming Tutorial for Finalweb 2.0 Users

(If you're not sure which version you're using, login to your website. Finalweb 1.0 sites have a "Site Manager" link to the lower-right. Finalweb 2.0 sites have a large menu on the left. Finalweb 2.0 was launched approximately a year and a half ago, so any sites purchased since then or upgraded to 2.0 will be 2.0 sites).

On-Demand Audio/Video

If you don't want to Live Stream your services, you can easily add audio and video sermons for later viewing to your website. One of the best ways to do this is to upload your videos to a YouTube channel, then integrate the video into your site. Since YouTube optimizes your videos for viewing on most any device, this can be a great way to reach your entire audience. To learn how to add YouTube videos to your website, use the links below:

Add YouTube Videos to your Finalweb 1.0 Site
Add YouTube Videos to your Finalweb 2.0 Site

Online Giving

In a time of reduced or eliminated church services, it is important to have an online giving option to help sustain the ministry. Here are a few suggestions regarding this:

  • If you do not have an online giving option, your Finalweb site can integrate with any system. Paypal is easy to set up and can be integrated very quickly. Learn how to integrate PayPal here.

    For better rates, we would recommend one of the following services:

    Cornerstone Payments - Click here to fill out a no-obligation application to see what rates you might qualify for.
    Continue to Give - Click here to learn more and mention Finalweb as your web integrator

    Finalweb can integrate with most any online donation provider, so if you'd prefer to use another one, just sign up with that provider and acquire the giving portal link that they provide. You can add it to your site as a link, or contact us if you need help and we'll add it for you.

  • Make sure your online donation link is clear and visible on your site, and test it for functionality to make sure all accounting is linked up correctly.
  • For Paypal users, make sure your Paypal account is verified and linked to your bank account, otherwise they will cap the amount you are allowed to receive at $2000.
  • If you are live streaming your services, consider having an offering time just like you would in a normal service

Blogs and Discussion Forums

Adding blogs or discussion forums to your website can help increase fellowship online during a time of isolation. Instructional videos coming soon on these features.

Online Chat Interaction

Finalweb will be implementing an online chat interaction within the 2.0 system which can be used during service live streaming or otherwise. It will be moderated with the ability to kick and ban users if needed. This will give users the ability to comment or ask questions during church services or whenever you choose to open the room. We anticipate launching this feature by Friday 3/20/20.