Oftentimes the need arises to add custom DNS records associated with a domain name - pointing to a new mail server, or to configure third-party services, or to verify a domain with Google in order to setup Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. The Finalweb Church Website tools allow for users to easily manage such records without having to know much about DNS except for what they might be instructed to do by, say, Google's instructions. While simple to use, the DNS editor can wreck a website quickly if used improperly. Here is a quick walkthrough on using the helpful feature.

1. Login to your site and enter the Site Manager. The Advanced Domain Tools link is located underneath the Tools heading on the left side menu.

2. If you just need to configure Google Apps, simply select that option, or to verify a domain for Google, just click the Google Analytics icon. If there are other types of custom records needed, click the Advanced DNS Editor link (you will also need to click OK on the popup warning to follow).

3. Select your domain from the list. Usually there is only one anyway.

4. The next screen displays all DNS entries for the selected domain, and also contains a link to add new records. To remove a DNS record, click the "delete" link next to it.

5. When adding a new DNS record, you will first select the type, and then fill in the input fields for the different pieces of pertinent information. Once saved, the record is created right away, although it might take a few hours to propagate in order to be completely functional.

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