In order to use certain tools provided by Google with your Finalweb church website, you may be required to verify your domain name. Doing so may seem difficult, but there are actually only a couple of action steps needed. Here is a quick overview of what to do.

1. Login to the Google service (this tutorial exemplifies Webmaster Tools) using the Google account with which the service should be associated. This can be any existing Google account, whether it's a Gmail address or not - just be sure it's set up with Google services. Once you've logged in, you'll see a red button that says "Add Site", and this gets things started.

2. Enter domain information and then you will be directed to a page where Google provides instructions for domain verification. The recommended method involves uploading an HTML file, and we'd prefer our users using one of the alternate methods instead. Click on the "Alternate methods" tab and choose the "Domain name provider option." From the drop down list of providers, select "Other" in order to see the information you need.

3. A long string is provided which should be copied to your clipboard. This will be used in a later step to create a custom DNS record at which Google will look in order to verify domain ownership.

4. After copying the string (begins with "google-site-verification="), go to your Finalweb website, log in, and then go to the Site Manager. Click Tools on the left menu and select "Advanced Domain Tools". From the options that appear, choose "Advanced DNS Editor", then choose your domain from the list of available ones on the next screen.

5. A link to add a new DNS record will appear at the top of the next page, and you will need to click it and then create a new record as specified in the image below:

Choose txt as the type and paste your verification string into the Text Value field. Save changes and wait for Google to verify the domain. That's all!

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