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Mobile Apps for Churches

Give vistors and clients the convenience of a mobile app with less effort than you ever dreamed possible.

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Finalweb Mobile Apps


Key Features

Key Features
Key Features

Finalweb Mobile Apps for Churches provide customers with the ability to easily create a simple, clean and effective mobile app for their members and attenders. These apps are tightly integrated with your Finalweb website, so if your website content is updated, so is your app! The app will also be available to those who don't have a Finalweb website.

Available NOW for website customers, these apps provide amazing and useful features such as:

Church Calendar

Users can view the church calendar online and automatically transfer events to their phone calendar with the tap of a button.

Membership Directory

Church members can browse this password-protected area to quickly and easily make phone calls to other churchgoers, retrieve needed contact information, or match a "name to a face" using the image directory.

Sermon Downloads

Listen to sermons on-the-go more efficiently than ever. Users can browse the church sermon library and easily play any sermon.

Informational Pages

Maps, directions, and other informational pages are provided as needed.


Pastors or other church leaders can quickly send notifications to all users of the app. It's perfect for urgent prayer requests or other important announcements.


Build your church community by providing easy access to your church blog(s).

Easy Interface for Managing App Content

If you're already a Finalweb template-based hosting customer, then you really don't have to do much to manage app content. Most of the content you've created for the web will be available for use with your mobile app, and updates to the website will also automatically update your app.

Create custom pages to display any type of information you'd like. Use the News feature to communicate announcements within the app and even set up device notifications for urgent items.

Setting up the app's menu and pages couldn't be easier - simply click and drag items into place. After making changes, all your user's apps will automatically update to reflect the new layout.

Set homescreen tiles to highlight pages and upcoming events. Similar to the website's rotating topbar, users can swipe through banners or click on quick-link tiles below.

Managed Distribution and Updates

Don't worry about the hassle of working with the Android and Apple App stores, because we'll take care of it for you. Your logo and name will be clearly presented; Finalweb will only be listed as the app developer.

  • Branded Mobile Apps


  • Church Calendar

    Easily access your church's event information and create events quickly on your device.

  • Membership Directory

    Allow members with an account to access the membership directory right on their phone.

  • Sermon Downloads

    Access sermons on-the-go and download sermons for listening later.

  • Branded App

    Get your own app in the Apple and Android app stores so your church is easier than ever to find.

  • Push Notifications

    Keep members up to date instantaneously by sending push notifications directly to their devices.